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Web Development

Web Development is an indefinite term used to describe the building of sites facilitated on the web host. Indefinite word is used because there are a lot of programming languages like Java Script, PHP or many more to build websites. Web development could be the building of a web page with HTML or CSS that can consist of several lines of code.

History of Web Development

During the early days, web development wasn’t that much advanced and static HTML pages were created and navigation was done with hyperlinks. They made an arrangement of static website pages which were utilized to pass on data just like contact numbers and maybe a couple of pictures and all connected with hyperlinks.

Internet could’ve never been called the internet without the coding behind its walls. Web development advanced a lot during the 90’s when some programming language came into the field and built the web we know right now. The five languages which helped to develop the modern era internet are Lisp, C, Perl, PHP, SQL.

  • Perl was invented by a computer programmer called Larry Wall during the 80’s.
  • PHP was created in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf and it holds a reputation for building many popular websites including Facebook.
  • C language was invented in Bell Labs by a computer scientist known as Dennis Ritchie in 70’s.
  • SQL was invented by Edgar F. Codd in the 1970s and it is known as “Structured query language.”

Web Designing

The web designing is a procedure of arranging a collection of data that defines the design of a website with a colour scheme, content styles, illustrations, pictures, and interactive pages on a web host to deliver it to your clients. Web designing makes your business look more interactive and get you more clients because it makes it easier for them to reach you and contact you.

Benefits of Web designing

Promoting a business by different methods and techniques like printed media, radio, TV or by different means makes it very costly. Advertising your business is one of the most important things to run a business but it makes it costly if you do it wrong. A website is a cheap way to publicize and advertise your business making it the most interactive and user-friendly. A website will get you more customers from out of the city or the worldwide customers as well. So it’s a cheap way to boost your business.

How WordPress Revolutionized Web Development

The internet today appears to be extremely unique from the way in which it looked 25 years back. If we go back and see the websites how they used to build during the ’90s and contrast with the present responsive structures we immediately notice how much the web development has changed.

WordPress offers the free probability to make a dynamic site with the database without writing down the source code or having the knowledge of any programming language. and Drag and Drop editors, you don’t even need a domain name or hosting because now WordPress is offering free hosting with its subdomain.

About Web Designing and Development

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